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Play music on mobile devices, get unlimited mobile streams.
All operations of this software are carried out in strict compliance with the Spotify API.
Spotify won’t ban playlist nor ask for passwords reset with it.
100% Safe to your accounts and playlists.
Easy-To-Use software that has everything you need to generate a steady flow of royalties from Spotify. The software run through the mobile simulator to get a lot of mobile musical streams and followers.

What StreamTrigger Can Do?

Auto-play Songs by Keyword Search.

StreamTrigger can play playlists, tracks, albums and artists by searching for custom keywords, and combined fuzzy keyword and specific keyword search.It realizes anthropomorphic operation very well, which can be like a person searching for songs and listening.

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Customized Playback Settings.

Before running the task, StreamTrigger can set the song playback time, the playback interval of each account, the playing order of URLs and the number of times the account plays. Set the playback template flexibly according to the needs to better meet the needs of different people.

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Humanized Auto-save/play playlist/album.

StreamTrigger will auto-save your playlist, album with the function of chance which can set the opening rate of each running task. It will save randomly, instead of all being saved, more user-friendly settings. It makes everything more organic like a real user.

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Get Followers/Listeners by Auto-following.

In the process of playing songs, StreamTrigger will automatically follow the artist of the song, thus greatly increasing the artist's followers and listeners. The number of followers can be controlled by setting the user's follow probability and the user-friendly operation prevents suspicion.

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Android Emulator Technology to Get Mobile Musical Streams.

StreamTrigger uses Android emulator technology to get mobile musical streams on the computer to increase your songs' views, followers and likes, etc. automatically in a very short time. StreamTrigger will automatically click on the APP in the simulator to run the user-defined task, and can open many app threads at the same time to quickly obtain streams.

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Best Simulator Fingerprint for Anti Tracking.

The fingerprint of StreamTrigger will automatically configure the mobile phone number and mobile phone model for each account, and set resolution, graphics mode, mobile' manufacture and devices manually. There are multiple choice configuration to set manually to change the emulator fingerprint at any time, which is good to prevent detection.

Best Anti-Fingerprint and Anti-tracking Technology.

Our software approaches browser fingerprinting in a completely indigenous way. Instead of trying to prevent websites from reading your computer’s fingerprint, our software allows reading it but replaces your original fingerprint with a different one. When you use a proxy IP, our software is fully different to other software that only add a proxy to your browser to work, our software will set the timezone, language, DNS and location etc... is matched to your proxy IP, that will make you looks like a real people from the proxy IP. Our software can also generate different device fingerprint and bind different fingerprint with your accounts. Once the account is bind with proxy IP, device fingerprint and other settings, the account will use these settings all the time with all operation. That is why you can use our software to mange and operate many accounts with different proxy safely.

Main Functions.

Automatic Simulation of Mobile Devices 100%

The new function fingerprint will automatically configure the mobile phone number and mobile phone model for each account.

Accounts Management

Manage unlimited categories and accounts easily.

Play Playlist

Play the playlists like a real human, you can let the program bulk-play, set the playback time, play times, delay time, play mode like 'play-pause-play ...' , cycle playback.You can let it play using different IP/proxy and accounts.

Play Liked Song

Play your liked songs on the mobile devices simulator.

Play Artist

Play artist links to get more artists mobile listeners.

Save list/album/artist

Auto-save your playlist, album and artist; the chance means that the opening rate of each running task is saved, instead of all being saved, more user-friendly settings.

Search Playlist

Search the fuzzy/exact keyword of playlist name,then play it accordingly.

Search Artist

Search the fuzzy/exact artist name keyword, then play it accordingly.

Search Album

Search the fuzzy/exact keyword of album name,then play it accordingly.

Search Track

Search the fuzzy/exact keyword of track name,then play it accordingly.

Multitasking Function

All tasks can be selected and run with one click.

Want More Features That This Software Does Not Have?

If you want us to add new functions or add more music sites mobile version, you can just contact whatsapp +8618375914669 or please just submit it here.